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General Guidelines:

  1. The primary purpose of the Dress Code Policy is to establish guidelines for modesty and safety.  The cooperation of both the student and the parent is necessary in maintaining the standard of dress.  When students and parents assume their responsibility and both strive to adhere to the Dress Code Policy, the school is free to focus on its primary goal of building Godly character and academic competence.  Violations of the Dress Code Policy will be addressed by teachers and/or administration.  
  2. All clothing should be neat, clean, and appropriately sized, modest in cut and not distracting.  Clothing with holes, rips and/or frays is not permitted.  Form fitting clothing is not permitted.
  3. Undergarments should always be covered.
  4. Students are to follow the SJCA dress code at all times while at school and participating in extracurricular activities.
  5. All school sponsored activities, travel, banquets, ceremonies, etc. shall be attended in clothes of the same standards of modesty.  Athletic wear may have slightly different guidelines for practice and competitive uniforms.
  6. Hats or head covers (including hoods) may not be worn in any building except on special day as announced by the administrator.  Sunglasses may not be worn in the shool buildings.
  7. SJCA reserves the right to make the final decision in questionable areas of dress code.


Tops must be purchased from Busy Baby Quilts Uniforms or from the SJCA Lands' End website.  An official SJCA logo must be on all tops.  All tops must be navy, white, grey or red including long and short sleeve shirts worn under another blouse/shirt or top.  Young men may also chose to wear the French Blue dress shirt

     -Blouses/shirts/tops should be appropriately buttoned to be modest.  In general, the neckline should be no more than 2 inches below the collarbone unless another garment is worn underneath and meets this guideline. 


Students may wear neat, modest khaki or blue denim pants, khaki, or blue denim capris and khaki or blue denim shorts. These garments may come from the student’s personal wardrobe or from a store of choice.    A small selection of shorts and pants in khaki, denim, navy, and gray (boy’s only) are available on the Lands’ End school website.
     -Garments with holes, rips or frays are not permitted.  Garments should be appropriately sized with special emphasis on not being too tight or too loose.  The crotch must not be more than a few inches from the body.
     -Undergarments may not be seen at any time.  
     - Shorts must be hemmed, neat and tailored. Shorts must extend to within 2 inches of the top of the kneecap or have a minimum inseam length of at least 10 inches. 
     -The following are NOT permitted on a daily basis – sweats, jogging outfits, wind suits, jeggings, pajamas, tights (worn as pants), spandex, athletic style shorts, drawstring shorts, and similar garments.


Female students may wear dresses, skirts and jumpers purchased from the Lands’ End school website.
     -These items should be no more than 2 inches above the top of the kneecap when standing and should be modest when sitting.  
     -Tights/leggings may be worn under dresses/skirts and extend below the garment provided the dress/skirt complies with the length requirement stated above. 
     -Blue denim skirts may be worn; these items may come from the student’s personal wardrobe or a store of choice. 
     -Elementary girls are required to wear a pair of shorts or leggings underneath a dress or skirt for modesty purposes.


Students are to wear appropriate footwear at all times.  Athletic shoes, dress shoes, and sandals are allowed.  

     -Water shoes, shower shoes and house shoes are not permitted.  
     -Elementary students must wear shoes or sandals with a back strap.  Flip flops and sandals without a back strap are not allowed for safety reasons.  Elementary students are required to wear athletic shoes during P.E. 


Sweaters, jackets, 1/2 zips, hoodies and coats worn indoors must be navy, white, grey, or red with an official SJCA logo.  These items must be purchased from the SJCA Lands’ End school website or purchased directly from the school.  Any of these items sold through the school must have the same color selection as above, and must have an appropriate logo representing SJCA, and must pre-approved for sale by the Superintendent. Other outerwear may be worn to school to provide protection for the weather; however, these items must be removed when inside the building. 



Additional Dress Code information maybe located in the San Jacinto Christian Academy Policy Manual.  Please, access under the Campus Life tab.