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Faculty and Staff

The administration, faculty, and staff of San Jacinto Christian Academy are committed to promoting our mission as a place where we can assist parents in training young people to know and love Jesus Christ, to follow Him in life, and to become positive, productive members of the coming generation.

In view of this, we desire candidates to the Academy who are:

  • Born again believers in Jesus Christ
  • Called by God to lead and serve in Christian School ministry
  • Driven by a Mission purpose
  • Academically gifted and experienced in their areas of proficiency.

We desire candidates who are ‘kid magnets.'  Those who celebrate successes,  who have fun while working, and who love helping lead children to become difference makers in our culture.

If you desire to pursue employment in our loving and exciting environment, please review the appropriate application and prayerfully consider returning the completed application as directed.

May the Lord guide you as you follow His call.



  • High School Mathematics (Faculty and Staff Online Application)
  • High School History (Faculty and Staff Online Application)
  • Middle School English (Faculty and Staff Online Application) 

Please, select correct online application 

from menu on the right.