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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Beginning in 2001, San Jacinto Christian Academy began to consider how the people and programs of a Christian school can best assist students in exploring, comprehending and developing the unique gifts, talents, learning styles and abilities that Scripture indicates are uniquely planted in them by God. Additionally, how can the Christian school nurture students toward walking in the individual destiny that God has prepared for them? The thought process spurred by these questions resulted in a multi-year project entitled Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: A School Design Project.

The project included literary research; internal research including: surveys, observations, analysis of test data, diagnostic tests, evaluations and interviews, and external research involving: consultation, conferences and workshops. From this research, the school implemented a dyslexic training program called FWM.  We recognize that God has placed a calling on each student and He has provided everything that student needs to realize that calling.  
At SJCA, all students receive high quality reading instruction in the general classroom.  Students in Kindergarten and First grade are monitored as they demonstrate knowledge of phonemic awareness.  Students that need more attention or at risk of dyslexia receive added instruction in smaller groups using explicit lessons and activities that include dyslexia interventions.  All students are screened in first grade for dyslexia, while some still receive at-risk for dyslexia interventions.  Those students who qualify will enter into our Fearfully and Wonderfully Made (FWM) program.  FWM administers Take Flight:  A Comprehensive Intervention for Students with Dyslexia program. The program is taught by a highly trained language therapist. Students can expect to complete the program in two to three years. 

Students with dyslexia enjoy acceptance and success at SJCA as they are given the tools they need to discover the calling and plan God has for them for their life.