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There are thousands of opportunities to earn scholarships or other financial aid from athletic endeavors to pay for a college education.

Parents, you can be your child's best advocate, searching for opportunities and helping your child be recruited.

Steps to help your child be recruited:
1. Get started ! Help your student-athlete develop a step-by-step game plan to win a sports scholarship.
2. Get started early; college coaches can’t recruit your student-athlete if they don’t know he/she out there.
3. Encourage your student-athlete to learn about the recruiting process and the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association).
4. Seek colleges offering scholarships in his sport.
5. Market your student-athlete’s skills using online services (Google search)
6. Be persistent and follow up on your contacts.
7. The key is to encourage without pressuring. Parents need to paint a realistic picture while supporting the dream.

Your student-athlete doesn't have to be in the top 5% of their sport to be offered an athletic scholarship. They might not be offered a full ride at a Division I College, but many make their dream a reality by playing college sports in a lower division.