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Welcome to San Jacinto Christian Academy

A Heart

to value the soul.

A heart

committed to pursuing excellence.

A Heart

to affirm value, worth, and destiny in students.

A Heart

to create a working partnership with parents.

A Heart

to reveal a Christian worldview.

Heart to

uphold the Word of God.

A Heart

to be distinctly Christ-like.


SJCA is committed to developing a faith-based program, sound child development practices, and foundational skills. Read More


Each child is fearfully & wonderfully made. Teachers provide an environment that encourages each child’s unique abilities to develop. Read More

Middle School

Middle-schoolers face a unique set of needs. SJCA strive to assist students and parents as they navigate these challenges. Read More

High School

High School prepares for 'real life'. If it is on to college, trade school, or into the workforce, SJCA’s goal is to equip Godly leaders. Read More

Christian Education

We understand that parents face the unrelenting challenge of raising their children with a Christian worldview and belief system. SJCA agrees and continues to meet those important needs with excellence. Classrooms are often filled with an air of expectancy, with collaborative projects, and groups learning creating a ‘buzz’ in class!

Our Mission

SJCA exists to assist parents in training young people to know and love Jesus Christ, to follow Him in life, and to become positive, productive members of the coming generation.